About Us


Ubertech Services offer a complete range of services for the professional musician, music producer or jamming enthusiast. Be it a piece of gear with a buzz or hum, a total lack of powering up or you're just not getting that sound or tone that you once were, Ubertech Services can solve your issues and leave your head space free to play, create. 


The best a creative artist can be arises when the equipment and tools become transparent. Controls, keys, strings, buttons and dials, fingers all dissolve and only the music remains. Flowing, fluid through the moment, the exploration into the unknown offers a treat of hidden treasures to the attentive ear. This can only be a achieved when equipment is adequately serviced and maintained, reliably, dependably.


Or perhaps you have an idea for a piece that's not yet available commercially. Ubertech Services can modify existing equipment or custom build from scratch exactly what you're looking for. Be the creative that you are by equipping yourself with the tools you need.


Call or email today to discuss any issues or considerations.