What we offer at Ubertech Services will guarantee you have full creative license over your music making experience. Whether you're jamming out at an open mic, gigging regularly professionally or in a studio environment, having equipment and tools that suit you as player/producer is essential. You need to feel completely at ease in your creative space and we at Ubertech Services can help build and maintain that space for you.



Guitar amp humming? A key or button that only works sometimes? An output jack that needs to be wobbled to get your sound active?


Whatever the issue may be, Ubertech Services can repair your equipment to a point where you'll forget there ever was an issue. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the fault and also diagnose the cause of the fault. This way every action can be taken to ensure ongoing reliable performance, often times rendering gear in a better-than-new state for years to come. 

Servicing and Maintenance


If you're regularly on the road or in a studio with strict deadlines to meet you need equipment that operates faultlessly every time. Flicking that power switch and stepping in to play/create has to be done with the conviction that your tools are dependable. At Ubertech Services we can create a Service and Maintenance Plan to ensure that your gear is good, every gig/session.

Modifications and Custom Builds


Looking for an effect pedal to give you that truly unique tone? Got an idea for a controller that will allow creative expression as deep as you can imagine? Need an extra button, dial or switch added to an existing piece? Our experienced design engineers at Ubertech Services can work with you to manifest whatever it is that you're looking for, so that your equipment becomes a genuine extension of your person. Allowing absolute freedom and creative flow.